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Many companies will encounter but not limited to the following situations:
  1. Office renovations requiring short term lease office leases for turnaround ;
  2. Current office need and expansion, but availability of space in the office is not yet known or needs time to confirm ;
  3. Business operations needing to continue during the renovations period of the office ;
  4. Needing a turnaround office due to other reasons.
Office Express provides our clients with unlimited flexibility for the lease period of the turn around offices with the following facilities and services:
  1. Fully furnished and renovated office rental ;
  2. Fully furnished convenient and safe common areas with office facilities ;
  3. Professional bilingual administrative secretarial services ;
  4. Immediate move-in after the signing of the contract ;
  5. Unlimited flexibility in lease periods: daily lease, monthly lease, seasonal lease or annual lease ;
  6. Flexibility in lease extension and lease expansion ;
  7. When the office renovations are finished, Office Express provides professional service to notify your clients and your business partners of the newest updates on your renovations and any new office address with new contact information.


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