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After years of experience in office leasing and customer service, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and concerns from our customers with our answers provided below:
    How do we calculate the space required for one staff?
    15m² to 30 m² = one staff working space. The average space taken up by a staff is 15m² to 30m² at traditional office spaces.
    Do we have to move into the space immediately once the lease is signed?
    No. Signing the lease guarantees you the space of your choice. You can move into the space within 45 days of signing the lease.
    Can we register the office address as our company address?
    Absolutely. You can immediately use the address of a Grade A office building.
    Do you provide supporting documents for registration?
    Absolutely. After the signing of the lease and the receipt of the advance payment, we will provide you with the necessary supporting documents for your company’s registration within 5 business days. (You will need to provide to us the necessary official documents provided by your country before we can issue to you the supporting documents for the registration.)
    Will we have office privacy for our business?
    Absolutely. You will be provided an independent office with privacy. You and your staff will be provided with individual key cards for the access.
    Are there limitations on office hours?
    There are no limitations to office hours. The key card issued to you enables you to enter your office and other general facilities in the center at any time of the day.
    Are the phone numbers in the office for our dedicated use?
    Yes. The phone numbers are allocated for private use of your company, which you can print on your business cards and other corporate documents.
    Can I choose to answer all the phone calls to my company myself?
    Absolutely. We have a reception desk answering the phone calls in your company’s name, or alternatively you can choose not to use our front desk answering service and answer the phone calls yourself.
    Is the internet available 24 hours everyday?
    Yes, our high speed internet is available anytime, including weekends and public holidays.
    Is there a lead time to book a meeting room?
    No. If the meeting room is not reserved at the time of your request, we will reserve it for you on the spot if you decide to have it.
    Do we need to pay additionally for the beverages provided?
    No. The daily beverages which include unlimited coffee, tea, hot water and pantry appliances are included in the monthly rent. Only special cold beverages like fruit juice are being charged separately.
    Can we register with a virtual office lease?
    No. Virtual office is a special kind of communication and business service which does not require an actual office space. According to government law, an office without a physical address cannot be registered.


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