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Business Protocol:

  • ○ Personal image
  • ○ Making introductions
  • ○ Making telephone calls
  • ○ Seating arrangement
  • ○ Gestures and postures
  • ○ Exchanging business cards
  • ○ Email communication
  • ○ Socializing
  • ○ Greetings
  • ○ Shaking hands
  • ○ Business luncheons and
  • ○ And more…

Skills And Competences:

Mastery of WORD, EXCEL and PPT:

  • ○ EXCEL data analysis
  • ○ Data presentation with PPT
  • ○ PROJECT-enabled project
  • ○ WORD formatting in
       business settings
  • ○ PPT design
  • ○ Pressure handling
  • ○ VISIO-enabled process
  • ○ Communication skills
  • ○ Sales skills
  • ○ Leadership skills
  • ○ Teamwork
  • ○ Negotiation skills
  • ○ Contract drafting
  • ○ And more…

Career And Fashion:

  • ○ Dress code for various occasions and color matching basics
  • ○ Professional image
  • ○ Personality and style
  • ○ Business attire and fashion evolution
  • ○ Business style for men
  • ○ attire selection from a fashion buyer’s perspective
  • ○ Business dress code and matching
  • ○ Updated dress experience with tailor-made haute couture
  • ○ Professional’s wardrobe

Our Principles:

★ Our Clients

Focusing solely on professionals, valuing quality over quantity to pursue excellence in training courses and accurate matching with customer needs.

★ Our Trainers

Emphasizing expertise rather than size: rather than building an enormous training team, we focus on ensuring that all trainers are experts in their respective fields with abundant experience in training and practice and are capable of effective presentations and guidance to inspire all trainees.

★ Our Curriculum

Precise targeting rather than empty talk: we customize our curriculum to the needs of each corporate customer, as enterprises each have their own internal demands even if they belong to the same sector and are of similar scale and age. Therefore, our curriculum is developed on the basis of standard expertise and customized to the customers’ reality based on our in-depth knowledge and insight of their needs, experience and real challenges, ensuring professional quality and precise matching with eventual training effect at the core. We do good for our customers rather than simply showing portfolios and materials that look good.

★ Our training scenarios

Focusing on interactive learning rather than one-way communication, the idea of “edutainment”—integrating education and entertainment enables trainees to acquire business skills valuable for their career development in a fun and interactive environment.


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