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Office Express (One Indigo)

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– Preparation for unforeseen situations

Most business companies have their own check lists during the process of renting offices. This check list tells us the scale of the office, location types and other details that the business requires. But how many of us have actually considered and added into the check list the fast and ever changing rhythm of the commercial market which affects most of our decisions?

Below are a few examples of unforeseen circumstances that might affect us:

  1. Expansion of the company which might mean a larger office space or extra office space rentals.
  2. Downsizing of the company and budget which might mean having excess office space, resulting in paying for spaces we do not need or the inability to afford rent due to budgetary concerns.
  3. Changes in the administrative/office structure which might mean the unsuitability of the current office space configuration.
  4. Development of the business which might mean the need for more meeting rooms.
  5. Short term project needs that might require the renting of extra short term office spaces.

At Office Express, we are able to provide solutions for the above-mentioned unforeseen circumstances:

  1. We allow for expansion rental anytime.
  2. We provide short term leasing of office spaces.
  3. Hassle-free and easy minimizing of rental spaces.
  4. We provide individual and short term offices for projects.
  5. We offer flexibility in extension of leases.
  6. We have a variety of spaces to accommodate changes in office configurations.
  7. We maintain our office spaces at a high quality and professional level to suit the image of each and every company.
  8. Our offices are fully equipped to meet the daily administrative needs of your company.
  9. We have a client service team on standby and ready to provide support for your company at any time.

That's not all, we at Office Express make sure that our offices for your business are:

• In perfect condition, complete with amenities, and having the flexibility for change while minimizing all risk       Office Express provides you with simple, fast and convenient offices while helping you prepare for any unforeseen circumstances ahead!


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