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Zhongguancun, Beijing, China

Office Express (Raycom InfoTech)

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Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Office Express (One Indigo)

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Of course, it would be all reasonable for a company to consider location, quality and cost when choosing the ideal office, yet an often neglected factor is more important--time consumption!
Usually, the decision-maker in charge of office rental is the core member of the company, which is especially true for newly established companies. Regarding the tasks of the core team, sales, marketing and public relations are the priorities as a company makes its first steps forward. Office, on the other hand, provides the fundamental supporting facilities while consuming much time. Therefore, what is your response to the conflict and how would you arrange your schedule for maximum efficiency?
You are faced with two options: A: Spending your time; B: Outsourcing non-core tasks.
You have decided on Option A? Then get prepared for the following list of tasks:
  •   Choosing the location, on-site visit, confirmation of information
  •   Negotiation for tenancy contract
  •   Contract signing and payment
  •   Choosing and deciding on design agency
  •   Design contract
  •   Floor plan design, consultation, revision and confirmation
  •   Rendering design, consultation, revision and confirmation
  •   Choosing and deciding on decoration company
  •   Decoration contract
  •   Choosing and deciding on decoration materials
  •   Wiring installation (time consumed the same as above)
  •   Office furniture (suppliers, customization, contracting, waiting, on-site installation, etc.)
  •   Office equipment (telephone system, file processing, equipment, pantry appliance, conference facilities, etc., time consumed the same as above)
  •   Drawings registration for approval
  •   Waiting for approval of design, engineering and fire prevention, etc.
  •   Time consumed for decoration
  •   On-site supervision
  •   Project approval
  •   Application and waiting time for approvals
  •   Office maintenance (plants, cleaning, long-term repairs and maintenance, etc.)
  •   Daily office consumables (stationery, other consumables, etc.)
  •   Human resources (office administrative personnel, front desk, cleaning personnel, recruitment, training and management, etc.)
The length of the task list, probably unexpected, consumes a big share of your core time.
What about Option B? The answer is: Time consumption for the above task list is zero! As simple as it is!
Office Express: Dedicate your time to core tasks and let us do the rest!


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