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Rapid entrance

Zhongguancun, Beijing, China

Office Express (Raycom InfoTech)

Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Office Express (One Indigo)

Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Office Express (One Indigo)

Exquisite Environmen

Office environment tells a lot about a company while playing a decisive role in the comfort, user-friendliness and convenience of daily work. Naturally, the quality of office environment is the priority for tenants!
Therefore, Office Express cares, first and foremost, to satisfy our clients with quality office environment, user-friendly arrangement, fully-equipped space, branded office furniture, high-end telephone system, high-speed Internet connection as well as every detail in the process, which constitute the basic standards in building the best office environment in each of our business centers.
More importantly, Office Express is dedicated to tailoring our office environment to the demands and corporate image of our clients, i.e. we say no to ‘chain-restaurant-like’ environment design. Instead, we proceed from the business type and industrial characteristics of our clients and provide an impeccable experience of privacy, independence and dignity as required by clients.
Exquisitely designed environment specially for our tenants, whose day-to-day collaboration is much appreciated!
You are welcome to dial the following number to book a visit on site, which we believe will be an experience of pleasant surprises and impressions of our uniqueness and dedication.
Zhongguancun--Office Express (Raycom InfoTech Park) Business Center
Tel:+86 10 8435 0777
Chaoyang District-Office Express ( One Indigo) Business Center
Tel:+86 10 8435 0888


Zhongguancun – Raycom Chaoyang - One Indigo


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