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Zhongguancun, Beijing, China

Office Express (Raycom InfoTech)

Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Office Express (One Indigo)

Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Office Express (One Indigo)

We Are Different—Mor

                                                                                                                   Office Express Business Center

Our clients would be greeted by a pleasant surprise at the first sight of an Office Express Business Center in Beijing as if discovering a unique scenic spot which, first of all, is represented by the impressive environment and atmosphere described as unique or different by our clients, as “beautiful” would be an unfair simplification.
Yet what is truly different is more than the visual impact at the first sight; instead, what Office Express emphasizes more is the uniqueness and charm that we deliver during the 8 hours we stay in close contact with our clients after signing the tenancy contract.
Why do we call ourselves different, and in which aspects?
  • Difference in environment:
Fully-equipped offices and pleasant visual effect are but a bottom line, on top of which we guarantee user comfort, reasonable arrangement and privacy of work space, offering our clients with an authentic sense of identity and independence.
  • Difference in services:
Our professionalism and hospitality reaches far deeper than the introduction of our sales department and promotion of our company; instead, our clients experience understanding, collaboration and even compromise in every simple step and every detail in our customer support. We honor our commitment every day, at every moment! Customers show new demands and higher expectations of services with constant transformations in the macro market environment, and we must satisfy these demands with diversified services.
  • Care of every detail:
Professional management and truly high quality services of any office space are reflected in details, such as environmentally-friendly interior decoration guarantees the health and safety of clients, brands and quality of furniture are directly related to the comfort of users while the reasonable space planning determines the convenience of daily office work. Besides, when providing business services, the smile on our staff’s faces as well as professional and patient communication with our clients brightens up the day for our clients. 
  • Uniqueness and innovation:
The demand of enterprises for office environment is constantly updated with the time and market development. Office Express does not see innovation as the ultimate purpose in itself, or demonstrate its uniqueness to build a “cool” or “brilliant” impression. Instead, all of our uniqueness and innovation aims at enabling our clients to feel proud of themselves and respected, which is based on a simple yet savvy idea—corporate image is a business driver.
We do more than what has been described above, as serviced offices are special in that we are in daily contact with clients after signing the contract. As a property manager of office utilities and provider of business services, Office Express shifts its role to a back-stage office providing 8-hour administrative service for our clients, for whom a professional, neat, convenient and safe working environment is daily ensured. This requires a genuine sense of responsibility, respect for service industry and empathy with clients. 
Office Express is an outstanding player among serviced offices, shining brilliantly with our elegance and taste.
Enjoying the professional and elegant office environment as well as user-friendly services provided by Office Express, our tenants have given the following testimonies:
 “This place enables me to focus on core businesses while enjoying the fully-equipped office space in the landmark building located in CBD. With lots of stress and worries from work taken away, I truly feel the importance of care of details and user-friendly services for business efficiency and creativity.”
 “Office Express frees us from the weight of solitude and choking stress in the business world constructed of steel bars and cement, entangled in hustle and bustle. On the contrary, as its client, I can truly focus on my core business. I am understood, freed from stress and blessed with real flexibility, while economizing my energy, time and cost to the maximum!”
Office Express, we are different, for we are more than your observation, and greater than your expectation!


Zhongguancun – Raycom Chaoyang - One Indigo


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